Grase Hotspot is a complete hotspot or internet cafe solution that has been developed over the last four years.  The software is open source and has been in use internationally since 2008, continually being updated by White IT Solutions.

This solution enables businesses to provide, restrict and monitor internet access to customers, by time or data.   When a user tries to use a computer on the network (wireless or wired), the first time they attempt to access a website, it redirects them to a login screen. After a sucessful login they can then use the internet until their time or data allowance is exhausted.

Grase Hotspot Demo

We can develop a unique system that works for your situation, including hardware, installation, software updates and even monthly remote support.  Simply contact us to discuss your needs.

Personalisation and development of the software specific to your company needs is available.


“Grase is the best Hotspot system I’ve ever seen. Great Job Tim! It is easy to install, easy to use and has great functionallity. I’m really looking forward to improvements Tim is working on.” –  Schneereich

“Very easy to install. I have tested with different model of mobile devices it works fine no any issue. I have integrated with DaloRadius 9-9 for simple billing and invoice and the both work fine. Thaks Tim” – Niam