White IT Solutions was started to provide affordable hosting for a not for profit, without sacrificing performance. This has transformed into hosting for small businesses, and not for profits of various sizes, keeping costs affordable, while providing the best service we can. We aren’t here to make a profit, just enough to cover running costs.

Website Hosting

Client/Server density ratio
Most hosting providers are trying to cram as many customers as possible onto a server, to maximise profits. Having 1000’s of sites on one server is a great way to maximise profits, at the cost of performance. White IT Solutions wasn’t started to make a profit, so we limit the number of clients per server to around 20. This ensures that each website performs at it’s best. We also don’t like “noisy neighbours”. If a clients site has lots of traffic, to the point it’s becoming a noisy neighbour for other clients, we’ll explore options that include moving that site to its own dedicated server.
We want all websites to performance to it’s full potential. To achieve this we invest time into our clients sites, and our hosting platform, to ensure your site is as fast as possible. This includes investing time in rolling out new technologies that perform better. In 2016 have been rolling out HTTP/2 and SSL (HTTPS) for all clients. We also help clients optimise their sites with caching, image compression, and simplifying complex sites for a better user experience. Visitors to your site want it to load quickly, and there is plenty of research on the internet that shows as loading time increases, the number of visitors who will wait for your site to load decreases. Our own tests have shown that sites that have moved from “cheap hosting” to us have had loading times drop from from 3 – 10 seconds to less than 2 seconds, and often less than 1 second.
Maintenance & Backups
At White IT Solutions, we want your website to be secure. A hacked website is a pain for you, and a pain for us. We maintain weekly offsite backups, and perform monthly website maintenance. If a major security issue with WordPress is announced, we’ll perform that update immediately. For simple sites with minimal plugins, we’ll also perform WordPress plugin updates regularly. For more complicated sites, we ask that clients regularly perform WordPress plugin updates.


Resonable Pricing
Consistent low pricing with the same price for renewals as new domains
Management Console
Manage all your domains from one modern console. Includes free Domain Manager for managing DNS and domain redirects
Free Email Forwarding
Don’t want to buy full business email hosting but still want to use email address such as john@mybusinessname.com? Email redirects allow you to redirect emails from your domain to your personal email address for a more professional look.
Unified billing
Have all your hosting costs on a single invoice.

Questions & Answers

Why don't you host emails like other providers?

Running email servers well takes lots of time, which is costly. Most people don't want to pay for that time, and so in the email world, scale makes a difference. Sometimes is makes sense to use a bigger email provider, your staff will be more comfortable with the interface, and hopefully the cost is reasonable.

I could provide email hosting, but to provide a good email service I'd need to charge more than the below options. Management of the below services is available at a monthly cost starting at $10/month (on top of the mailbox costs).

Some options to look at (prices as of 2020):

I can get a domain name cheaper with another domain registrar

Yes you can. Domain registrars often have sales as a way to get customers in. However, when that domain comes up for renewal, you’ll be paying full pricing. Some domain name extensions cost you to transfer between providers, and have restrictions on how often you can move them. So if it’s something like, .com, .org or .net, please just purchase it through us.

But, if it ends in .au, and you don’t need the website up and running right now. And you’re confident you understand how the domain name system works. Then you can save yourself a few $’s, register it with another reseller, and then once registered transfer it to us. Of course, only do this if you really understand how the systems work, and your time is worthless, because you’ll only save a few $’s and your time is worth more than that.